A Music Star From North England – Story Of Nineties Boy

If you thought Nineties Boy was a little bit over the top when it was first released, you’d be surprised to know how far over the edge the artist has grown. Born in Hull, UK, and boasting a live band consisting of his two siblings along with producer Martin Campbell (ex-Pixilated, Manic Street Preachers), Nineties Boy has grown to become one of the more respected rappers of our time. Produced by one of the most respected producers in the UK, Martin Campbell, this hip-hop production has grown into one of the better-known rappers in the UK and around Europe.

With over thirty years of experience producing and performing hip hop, dance, jazz, techno, and pop songs, Campbell blends a sharp sense of lyricism with original music from a plethora of artists. He has been nominated for British Musician of the Year five times, as well as winning several other awards, including Album of the Year at the influential Mojo Music Awards.

While some would argue that Nineties Boy Band’s popularity has peaked and fallen out of favor somewhat, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern-day rappers like Kanye West and Russell Simmons have utilized elements of their style, yet without the fame and fortune that came with working with a producer as successful as Martin Campbell. So why did Nineties Boy become such a successful boy band? What made them such a hit? These are some of the questions we set out to answer in this brief article.

Nineties boy was born in the 1980’s a young boy in ’90s and now rapping since 2013. Nineties Boy reappeared on the scene in 2011, Chip on My Shoulder was the first release. His work and dedication towards the music are still young.

After a great success in 2012, Nineties Boy collaborates with Hull legend Endoflevelbaddie on Take Control. It was a huge local success and trending on Radio 1xtra multiple times. Everyone noticed that Nineties Boy was ready to take on the hip hop music in 2013.

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